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Stretch Marks

Manage Stretch Marks
Successfully without Surgery

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch mark is a type of scar that occurs when the skin stretches or shrinks rapidly with excessive force.

The sudden change ruptures the collagen and elastin that support the skin, loses elasticity and lacks cell activity or regeneration.

By intensively regenerating the dermal collagen in the stretch marks without damage to the epidermis, CODE-X microneedling can reduce the side effects of pigmentation and increase the effect.

/ Weeks Apart

6 Session
4-6 Weeks Apart



STEP. 01

Cleanse the stretch
marks area lightly.

STEP. 02

Apply a tonner to protects
the stretch marks area
from over drying out.

STEP. 03

Apply anesthetic cream
for 20 minutes and remove it.
Microneedling care

STEP. 01

Apply the ampoule for
thigthening & rejuvenating
to the entire stretch marks
little by little.

STEP. 02

Do microneedling
while applying the ampoule.

STEP. 01

Cool down with cooling stick.

STEP. 02

Apply recovery cream
on strech marks.