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Neck Wrinkles

Clearly Erase Neck Wrinkles
according to the Area and Shape

Neck Wrinkles Treatment

Neck skin is thinner than the face skin, and has less collagen and elastin, making it hard and less elastic.
It is stimulated by external factors; sun exposure and since there are few sebaceous glands, neck wrinkles are particularly vulnerable in the season when moisture is low, and in autumn and winter when cold wind blows.

CODE-X’s principle of ‘filling’ and ‘regeneration’ can provide a fundamental treatment for neck wrinkles that appear in different forms depending on the cause of the skin is very thin.

/ Weeks Apart

4-6 Session
4-6 Weeks Apart



STEP. 01

Cleanse the neck lightly.

STEP. 02

Apply a serum to protects
the neck skin from over drying out.

STEP. 03

Apply anesthetic cream
for 20 minutes and remove it.
Microneedling care

STEP. 01

Apply the ampoule for wrinkles
and thigthening to the entire
neck little by little.

STEP. 02

Do microneedling
while applying the ampoule.

STEP. 01

Cool down with cooling stick.

STEP. 02

Apply recovery cream on neck.