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Hair Loss

Solve Hair Loss by Managing
Hair Follicle Cells in the Scalp

Hair Loss Treatment

There are many different causes of hair loss.
Genetic causes and male hormone androgen are important factors in the occurrence of baldness, and alopecia areata is considered to be an autoimmune disease.

CODE-X directly stimulates hair follicle cells and dermal layer of the scalp to promote collagen synthesis and hair growth, and is effective for hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair roots.

/ Weeks Apart

8-12 Session
1-2 Weeks Apart



STEP. 01

Wash your hair & give a scalp massage.
Microneedling care

STEP. 01

Apply scalp ampoule
to the entire scalp or
hairline little by little.

STEP. 02

Parting the hair into sections
and create a flat surface.

STEP. 03

Do microneedling on the scalp
while applying the ampoule
‘CYTOKINE-8 powder solution’.

* What is Cytokine-8 Powder solution?

As 8 kinds of hair growth factor, it prevents hair loss and promotes hair cell growth to help hair growth by restoring the balance of cytokines in the cell state.