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Restore Reduced Elasticity,
Lack of Moisture,
and Increased
Wrinkles Deformed by Aging

Ageing Treatment

Skin aging occurs as the DNA is programmed, as the skin cells age, and regeneration does not occur.
The thickness of the skin becomes thinner, but the old dead skin cells are accumulated on the top layer of the skin.
This makes the blood circulation in the skin not smooth, and the production of collagen/elastin/hyaluronic acid is greatly reduced due to poor metabolic activity.

CODE-X treatments have been shown to increase skin thickness and raise collagen and elastin levels, thus reversing some of the effects of aging.

/ Weeks Apart

4-6 Session
2-3 Weeks Apart



STEP. 01

Cleanse & exfoliate
lightly the face.

STEP. 02

Apply a tonner to protects
the skin from over drying out.

* If you need acne extrusion
before treatment, please proceed first.

STEP. 03

Apply anesthetic cream
for 20 minutes and remove it.
Microneedling care

STEP. 01

Apply the ampoule for
rejuvenating to the entire
face little by little.

STEP. 02

Do microneedling
while applying the ampoule.

STEP. 01

Cool down with facial
mask-sheet & cooling stick.

STEP. 02

Apply recovery
cream on face.