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Acne & Scarring

Treats Both the Outside and the Inside
of the Acne & Scarring Skin

Acne & Scarring Treatment

Acne is the result of an inflammatory reaction in the skin because excessively secreted sebum cannot escape out of the pores.
Acne scars are caused by an abnormal inflammatory reaction that causes irreparable damage to the skin tissue, and the lack of collagen production as recovery is delayed.

CODE-X is an effective procedure to help fill up the skin at the bottom of the scar by helping to regenerate aged collagen through countless skin irritation.

/ Weeks Apart

4-6 Session
4 Weeks Apart



STEP. 01

Cleanse & exfoliate
lightly the face.

STEP. 02

Apply a tonner to protects
the skin from over drying out.

* If you need acne extrusion
before treatment, please proceed first.

STEP. 03

Apply anesthetic cream
for 20 minutes and remove it.
Microneedling care

STEP. 01

Apply the ampoule for acne
& scarring to the entire
face little by little.

STEP. 02

Do microneedling
while applying the ampoule.

STEP. 03

After the entire needling is finished,
intensively manage the red or
acne-pigmented areas of
the face once more.

STEP. 01

Cool down with facial
mask-sheet & cooling stick.

STEP. 02

Apply recovery cream on face.